Dirt Is Good Project Privacy Policy


This webpage contains two copies of our privacy statement - one for children, and one for adults. So, read on for the kid-friendly version, or click here to jump to the adult version.


Privacy Policy for Children


Like all other websites, the Dirt is Good Project collects data. This means, that the website stores information about what is going on the site – and it’s mostly used to help make sure everything runs smoothly. 


It’s not essential that you read about how we protect your data, but if you want some more information, you can find it here.


Who are we?

The Dirt Is Good Schools Programme is delivered in the UK by Future Foundations in partnership with Global Action Plan and Persil (Persil is a Unilever UK Limited brand). This website is operated by Global Action Plan, who can be contacted at [email protected] or at 201 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1JA. 

Whose data do we look at?

We're interested in the data of people who either sign up for the Dirt Is Good Project, or visit its website. For example, we collect the name and email address of your teacher when they register and set a group up. 


What do we do with the data?

The data gets used for several things, including:

  • making sure you can use the website
  • improving the website in the future
  • personalising the website for you
  • storing your progress, so it's saved for your next visit
  • statistical reporting – for example, we might need to know how many people are using the website, or how long they spend on it, to make it work better!
  • If your teacher/adult group leader agrees, we'll send them updates about the Dirt Is Good project and things they can do to make your project a success

How long do we keep it for?

Anyone who signs up to Dirt is Good Academy will have their data retained for up to two years since the last login. If your teacher doesn't log in for two years, we delete their login details and your projects. We may keep overall numbers so that we can say how many people have taken part in the project, and we will keep any stories and photos that have been shared publicly on the website. Your teacher can ask for these to be removed at any point.


Where do we keep your data?

Any personal information that you give us will stay in the UK. If for some reason we have to move it, we will transfer it safely and appropriately.


Do we share your data?

Other than statistics, which are kept completely anonymous, we do not share your personal data with anyone else, unless your teacher made any photos or stories public. Your teacher must confirm that they have your parent/guardian's consent to share any photos of you.


What are your rights?

The law states that you have rights over your personal data. That means that even though you’ve given it to us, you still have a say in how it’s used! You can access the data, delete it, and restrict the way in which we use it, if you want to.

More details about this (it’s rather long and complicated!) can be found on our Privacy Policy for Adults section, below.

What’s most important, is that you know that you can contact us if you have any doubt about how your data is being used! Global Action Plan is committed to making sure you have a safe and fun experience online, so if you have a data protection query, you can get in touch: [email protected].


If you’re unsure about anything in this policy, you can ask a parent or guardian to help you understand it. We also have a more grown-up version of this Privacy Policy for them, below.


You can contact us with any questions about data (with your parent’s permission) using the contact details at the top of this page!   

Dirt Is Good School Programme Privacy Notice


We know that you care about your personal data and how it is used, and we want you to trust that Unilever uses your personal data carefully.

The purpose of this privacy notice is to provide teachers with information on what personal data we collect and process your personal data if you take part in our Dirt Is Good School Programme.


What personal data will we collect, why and how do we collect it and how will we use it?

Our Dirt Is Good School's Programme website is aimed at teachers and students, however only adults should register for the site. When you register to take part in our programme, we will collect information including your name, your school email address, and school postcode. We will use this data to enrol you onto the Dirt Is Good School Programme and grant you access to the portal where you can access the resources. Our partners will use your email address to contact you when they make updates to our portal, such as when we upload new content. Unilever and our partners will not use your personal data for any other marketing purposes.
We rely on your consent to process your personal data and share it with our partners. You can withdraw your consent at any time. For information about how to withdraw your consent, please see the “Your rights and more information” below.


We collect your personal data on our Dirt Is Good School Programme registration page. As part of using the website you are also able to upload information on your Dirt Is Good Project. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary parental/guardian consent to share any data or photos of children participating in your Dirt Is Good Project. We have provided a template consent form here that you can use to gain that consent, but you may have alternative processes already in place within your school for gaining consent for photos and stories.

You will be asked to confirm this consent when uploading any stories to the site and will have the option for stories as to whether you want them to be kept private to within your own school or whether you are happy for them to be shared publicly on the website.  


Who will you share my personal data with?

In the UK, we are working in partnership with Global Action Plan and Future Foundations. When you register for our Dirt Is Good School Programme, your data will be captured by Global Action Plan to complete your registration and contact you in relation to our programme. Our partners are responsible for the management of our Dirt Is Good School Programme platform.


Data retention

If you don’t log in to the site for three years, your private content will be deleted from the site. Any stories/photos that have been publicly shared will be kept unless you specifically request their deletion, or their deletion is requested by a parent/guardian. While we will make every effort to remove or take down images or videos on request, we cannot guarantee that publicly available stories have not been copied or shared by a third party. Anonymised data of your participation (eg how many projects you completed) will be kept as part of the overall project numbers.


Your rights and more information

Unilever and Global Action Plan are joint controllers of the personal data that we collect. That means that we are both responsible for deciding what personal data to collect, why it is collected and our compliance with data protection laws.
You have rights under data protection law, including rights of access to, and/or rectify, erase, object to or restrict processing of your personal data. We rely on your consent to process your personal data, and you can withdraw your consent at any time. You can delete data by logging into the site and choosing the delete options or by contact us.


As our Dirt for Good School Programme platform is managed by our partner, Global Action Plan, please contact Global Action Plan in the first instance by contacting [email protected] / 201 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1JA, UK.


For further information including; the contact information of Unilever’s privacy team, and to understand how you can lodge a privacy-related complaint with the regulator operating in your market please see Unilever’s privacy policy for your country which you can access here.