We invite you to unite in compassion with schools across the UK at 10:15am on World Values Day, Thursday 21st October!  Register now to access the video and resources to inspire your young people and plan your launch activity.


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  • Dirt Is Good

    A schools programme enabling young people to take action on the environmental
    and social causes they care about.

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We are on a mission to power up the world’s Changemakers.

The Dirt Is Good Project will help 10 million young people take positive action for a better world.

Join us in unleashing the potential of children to do good!

The Dirt Is Good Schools Programme enables young people to take action on the environmental and social causes they care about. It is built upon four key principles and a handbook has been designed using insights from the latest research into what motivates young people to take action.

Dirt IS Good Principles

Do we live in a selfish world? How do you see the people around you?





Ashley Banjo meets young people taking action on causes they care about




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united in compassion

Compassionate values like caring for others, true friendship, cooperation and kindness are key to the Dirt Is Good Project. It will help your school to nurture and normalise compassion through student-led real world projects