earth Month


On the programme this year, we celebrated Earth Day (22nd April) by calling for Changemakers across the UK to come together, unite in compassion and take collective action for Our Earth. 


They have been creating beach clean-up events, hosting local litter picks, walking instead of using the car, using less plastic... and much more! 


If you got stuck into Earth Month, remember to share photos, updates and stories of your Changemakers action via the website to inspire and unite in compassion with other schools and groups on the programme! 

share your stories

Unite in compassion and share your collective action! 


Share the action your Changemaker’s took via the Share your Stories form below to help us see what action was taken and by who. This information will help us to measure the impact of Earth Month and celebrate the collective action taken by our Dirt Is Good Changemakers! 


Capture memorable moments by taking pictures and write down any key learnings from the month. You can also share your Changemakers’ action to your school channels by using our social media post templates. 

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