Reflect and Celebrate

This June and July, we are calling for Changemakers across the UK to come together to Reflect on and Celebrate their Dirt Is Good Journey!

Time: 45 min

Dirt Is Good Principle: United in Compassion, Get Stuck In, On a Journey, Everyone has a Role to Play

Age: 7-11 years and 11-14 years

Group size: Any

Learning Outcomes

This activity encourages your Dirt Is Good Group to explore and reflect on their learnings so far, before celebrating their achievements and progresses as a group and with their wider communities!


Use the Activity Pack and Reflect & Sketch Activities to support your changemakers to Reflect and Celebrate on their Dirt Is Good Journeys so far, no matter where they are in their journey!


If your Changemakers have finished their project, please support them to complete the Final Project Report as a group, and the Student End Survey as individuals.


If your Dirt Is Good group is still busy getting stuck into their projects, then why not share an update via a News Story or a News Bite?

Reflect and Celebrate Activity Pack



Reflect & Sketch Activity (KS2)


Reflect & Sketch Activity (KS3)


final report & survey

If your groups are coming towards the end of their Dirt Is Good Projects, then they can complete their Final Project Report and the Student End Survey. Just click on the buttons below!


For groups who are still on their Dirt Is Good Journey, please share an update on what they have been up to via a News Story or a News Bite!



If you have multiple Dirt Is Good groups, please navigate to Team Home to check which group the Final Project Report is being completed for. Once the correct group is selected, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Final Project Report!



Once your changemakers have come to the end of their projects, it’s time to complete The End of Project Survey! Changemakers who complete this survey are contributing to a national evaluation of the Dirt Is Good Project. The results will be with you later this year!

your final project report
student end survey

dirt is good project spotlight

Changemakers at St. Gerard’s School Trust in Wales have been working hard on their Dirt Is Good Project! 15 Changemakers from Years 3 to 5 decided to improve part of their outdoor space through reusing and recycling materials such as old tyres, water bottles and wooden pallets.


As part of their project, they developed mini projects along the way. They included:


  • Building a bottle wall by recycling unwanted plastic bottles and turning them into flower planters.
  • Making bird feeders out of plastic bottles and wooden spoons.
  • Growing tomatoes by constructing a vertical planter using an old clothes rail, skirting board, and plastic milk bottles!
  • Building planters out of wooden pallets donated by the local hospital.


Throughout their project, the Changemakers took time to Reflect on and Celebrate their project, here’s what they told us:

“We took a moment to reflect to see how far we had come and were really pleased! The colours make the place look bright and the other pupils have loved going in and out of the arch. It has encouraged all year groups to come and see what has changed from day to day and get involved in watering during break times if the plants look a little dry!”

Want to find out why we're doing this?

Dirt Is Good will help your young people feel that they have a role to play and that we are all united in compassion. They will go on a journey and become Changemakers for life. 


United in Compassion

helping young people to feel that they are not alone in caring and wanting to act

Everyone had a role to play


Everyone has a role to play

ensuring young people can find a changemaking role that allows them to fulfil their potential

Dirt Is Good Splodge Logo


Get stuck iN

recognising that actions speak louder than words and that getting active on a cause is fun

Walker Icon


On a journey

acknowledging that change doesn't always happen fast, that it is OK to make mistakes, and that reflection is as important as action