The Dirt is good principles

The Dirt Is Good Schools Programme is designed for groups of students in Key Stages 2 and 3. It is based on a set of four principles that combine together to create the Dirt Is Good Way. These principles are fed through the handbook and all the activities.  


United in Compassion -

helping young people to feel that they are not alone in caring and wanting to act


United In Compassion

Get stuck in -

recognising that actions speak louder than words and that getting active on a cause is fun



Get stuck in

Everyone has a role to play -

ensuring young people can find a changemaking role that allows them to fulfil their potential

Everyone has a role to play

On a journey -

acknowledging that change doesn't always happen fast, that it is OK to make mistakes, and that reflection is as important as action

Get stuck in


Young people enjoy taking positive action: Getting stuck in feels fun and important. But helping them to learn new skills and develop kindness and empathy is just as important. Dirt Is Good will help your young people feel that they have a role to play and that we are all united in compassion. They will go on a journey and become Changemakers for life.


a hand holding a person and a plant

How the Dirt Is Good principles fit together


Young changemakers go on a journey, where they get stuck in doing projects and activities that create positive social and environmental changes. These actions (and reflections) get progressively larger and more impactful over time.

progressing through periods of action and reflection to become more impactful



Phase 1

Practitioner is hands on guiding action and reflection



Phase 2

Changemakers are able to take more responsibility for their actions and reflections



Phase 3

Practitioner is able to almost completely step away as Changemakers flourish and lead



Phase 4

Time to fly the nest!

As they move through these phases, changemakers get a growing sense that we are all united in compassion and feel ever more like everyone has a role to play, most especially themselves.

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