After three years of supporting young people to take action on the social and environmental issues they care about, the Dirt Is Good Project is closing. This website and its resources will remain live until 31 December 2024. For more information, please login to your account or visit our FAQs page.

An award-winning programme for schools that empowers students aged 7-14 to unite in compassion and take collective action on the environmental and social causes they care about, whilst contributing to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Use our library of free engaging classroom resources, including lesson plans, factsheets, worksheets, and assembly packs, to guide students through a student-led, collaborative process of designing and delivering a social action project in their community.

Global Good Awards Gold 2023. Rewarding #GlobalGood

How to take part:

1/ Plan your projects. Use our lesson plans and classroom resources to support students to plan social action projects on issues they care about. Milestone - Log your project on the Dirt Is Good website
2/ Take Action. Get stuck in and put your project plans into action! Milestone - Celebrate progress so far by sharing an update with other schools
3/ Reflect & celebrate. Use the activities provided to help students reflect on and celebrate their journey. Milestone - Complete your project report


Through getting stuck into their Dirt Is Good Journey, Changemakers will:

  • Feel motivated and empowered to create change together
  • Develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help people and nature
  • View their peers as more compassionate and caring
  • Nurture a sense of togetherness and trust in their peers
"The Dirt Is Good Schools Programme has provided us with the framework for Citizenship and Life Skills lessons for the whole year!" "It got the whole school thinking about the outside." "The students who have struggled in other academic areas, have r

We spoke to young people about how they feel about the environment, and what they think others think. Watch the video to see how much young people really do care.


Research by Global Action Plan found a 'Values Perception Gap' in young people: believing that others do not care about social and environmental issues when actually they do.

The purpose of the Dirt Is Good Schools Programme is to narrow this gap and the negative impact it has on young people's wellbeing.

By normalising taking action towards causes young people care about, they will benefit from improved emotional well-being, feel less worried about the future, and be more likely to act on the issues they care about.

"It gave pupils, in particular the researcher and reporter, a leadership role." "The programme linked to their curricular themes of Global Goals and Human Rights and encouraged the pupils to put learning into action." "The programme helped us to evid

The Dirt Is Good Way

The Dirt Is Good Way is a new way of powering up young Changemakers. It champions compassionate values and makes them visible, whilst also normalising collective action. The Dirt Is Good Way is built upon four key principles.